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Gold & Black Lightening Bolt Glitter Sunglasses


  • Gold & black glitter lightening bolt novelty sunglasses. These are customised UV400 sunglasses so you can wear them outside at a festival or wherever you like. They sparkle in the sunlight. Needless to say, they are utterly fabulous… and not for the faint-hearted!



122 grams (these are obviously huge! And more of a prop than practical)
38cm wide

These sunglasses are large so they don’t come in a sunglasses case, basically, they don’t make sunglasses cases this big!

These sunglasses are for adults (not children), there are points on them so best to be a bit careful when wearing.

As with all glittered products a small amount of glitter will come off for a while but i glitter by hand so there are several layers of glitter which means these will never go bald.

While they are fine to wear in sunlight it’s best not to store them long term in direct sunlight, as with all glittered products long-term exposure to direct sunlight will fade the glitter.

They are laser cut acrylic so hardwearing but you will still need to look after them, probably best to avoid dropping/sitting on them. We chose a thin acrylic to keep them light and flexible.


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