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I’m Dolly (Broke Dirty Blonde), a creative, fearless and expressive stylist.        A lifelong optimist and style magpie,  I want to help everyone grow in confidence and celebrate their uniqueness.

I love finding joy in the everyday and helping others to do the same.

Specialising in vintage and preloved fashion, I discover pieces that won’t break the bank or cost the earth.

Celebrating inclusivity and individuality, I am the queen of curating looks that are unique and out of the ordinary.

I am a merchant of joy and a one-woman party who, once met, is never forgotten.

Style is a journey and I’ve found that as I have aged, my boundless enthusiasm, appetite and courage to wear and curate looks has increased.

My own creativity is inspired by the cosmopolitan people of London, my wider ranging music tastes and the architecture and culture that surrounds me. 

I am living the life my grandmothers dreamed of.

Thanks for dropping by – I hope you hang around. 

Dolly x